Just Content

Just Content is a personal blogging theme for casual bloggers , authors, writers etc. It has a clean and minimal layout which is also greatly responsive.

  • Home Page (Free & Premium)
  • Responsive Design (Free & Premium)
  • Favicon Upload (Free & Premium)
  • Sidebar (Free & Premium)
  • Logo Upload (Premium)
  • Customizable Header (Free & Premium)
  • Customizable Background (Free & Premium)
  • Post Formats (Free & Premium)
  • Color Picker (Premium)
  • Google Fonts (Premium)
  • Full Width Slider (Premium)
  • Widgetized Footer 1-4 Columns (Premium)
  • Social Icons (Premium)
  • Gallery (Premium)

Documentation & Support

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket here. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible but we offer limited support to users that simply use the Free Version of Just Content WordPress Theme and full support to anyone who has a membership subscription with us. In order to use Just Content WordPress Theme, you must be familiar with the following:

  • How WordPress works (basic concepts)
  • WordPress Featured Images
  • Custom Header
  • Custom Background
  • Theme Options Panel

Custom Header

In order to set your own header in Just Content Theme, you simply have to go Appearance -> Header. Click on the upload button and upload your header image. Make Sure that your image is 1920 × 450 pixels, in order to display properly. After the upload is complete, click on the Save Changes button. If you want for some reason to remove the header of your theme, simply click the Remove Header Image Button and then click Save Changes.

Custom Background

In order to set your own background in Just Content Theme, you simply have to go Appearance -> Background. There you’ll see that you have the option to set your own custom background color or image. If you want to upload a background image, click on the choose file button and then click upload. After the upload is complete, click the Save Changes Button. If you want to set a background color, click on the background color field and choose the background color that you want and then click Save Changes.

Theme Settings

Favicon Upload (Available on Free & Premium Version)

Both version allow you to upload your custom favicon. Make sure the size is 16*16 pixels and the suffix is .ico so that it will work fine. You can also use icon with .png suffix. After you upload the favicon, click the Save Changes Button.

Logo Upload (Available on Premium Version Only)

In case that you have your own logo, you can simply upload it by clicking on the upload logo field. After you upload the logo, click the Save Changes Button.

Social Networks (Available on Premium Version Only)

The Premium Version of Just Content Theme gives you the opportunity to place the links of your social profiles directory to the header of your theme. Simply copy/paste the url of each link and then click the Save Changes Button. Just Content Theme includes the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, Linkedin and RSS.

Widgetized Footer (Available on Premium Version Only)

The Premium Version has a fully widgetized footer with 4 widget positions. In order to install a widget, simply go to Appearance -> Widgets and create your widget.You can select between 1 and 4 widget positions.

Typography Settings (Available on Premium Version)

You can have absolute style control on the elements of this theme. Using these options you can choose:

  1. Google Fonts ( Contains 10 Popular Google Fonts )
  2. Headings Color (h1…h6)
  3. Links Color
  4. Links Hover Color
  5. Menu Links Color
  6. Menu Links Hover Color
  7. Social Bar Color
  8. Social Icons Color
  9. Social Icons Background color
  10. Social Icons Hover Color
  11. Slider Text Color
  12. Slider Text Background Color
  13. Post Date Background
  14. Post Date Color
  15. Main Sidebar Headings
  16. Footer Sidebar Container Background
  17. Copyright Area Background

Slider Settings (Available on Premium Version Only)

Just Content Theme provides you with the ability to create a slider and show it in the frontpage. You can set slider image, slide heading and slide text.

Contact Page (Available on Premium Version Only)

Just Content Premium contains a custom contact page template.The contact form is from “Contact Form 7” plugin that is recommended in the theme.

Footer Sidebars (Available on Premium Version Only)

You can select between 1 to 4 widgetized columns in the footer area. You can also change the copyright text.