Italian Restaurant Theme

Italian Restaurant is a modern theme based on the famous responsive twitter bootstrap boilerplate. It was mainly designed for elegant restaurants, barbecues, pizzerias, fast food and recipe sites. Depending of the free or premium version, the features include:

  • Widgetized Home Page (Premium)
  • Responsive Design (Free & Premium)
  • 3 Level Menu (Free & Premium)
  • Favicon Upload (Free & Premium)
  • Logo Upload (Premium)
  • Full Width Slider (Premium)
  • Customizable Header (Free & Premium)
  • Sidebar (Free & Premium)
  • Widgetized Footer (Premium)
  • Social Icons (Premium)
  • Buy Now Button For Your Online Ordering System (Premium)
  • Price Section (Free & Premium)


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Documentation & Support

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket here. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible but we offer limited support to users that simply use the Free Version of Italian Restaurant WordPress Theme and full support to anyone who has a membership subscription with us. In order to use Italian Restaurant WordPress Theme, you must be familiar with the following:

  • How WordPress works (basic concepts)
  • WordPress Featured Images
  • Custom Header
  • Theme Options Panel

Custom Header

In order to set your own header in Italian Restaurant Theme, you simply have to go Appearance -> Header. Click on the upload button and upload your header image. Make Sure that your image is 1170 ? 370 pixels, in order to display properly. After the upload is complete, click on the Save Changes button. If you want for some reason to remove the header of your theme, simply click the Remove Header Image Button and then click Save Changes.

Theme Settings


Favicon Upload (Available on Free & Premium Version)

Both version allow you to upload your custom favicon. Make sure the size is 16*16 pixels and the suffix is .ico so that it will work fine. After you upload the logo, click the Save Changes Button.

Logo Upload (Available on Premium Version Only)

In case that you have your own logo, you can simply upload it by clicking on the upload logo field. After you upload the logo, click the Save Changes Button.

Social Networks (Available on Premium Version Only)

The Premium Version of Italian Restaurant Theme gives you the opportunity to place the links of your social profiles directory to the header of your theme. Simply copy/paste the url of each link and then click the Save Changes Button.

Buy Now Button (Available on Premium Version Only)

Most restaurants nowadays have online ordering systems integrated within their site. Italian Restaurant Theme gives you the option to add a buy now button at the top of the site and you can integrate it with your current online ordering system, or you can use the default one that comes with

Widgetized Footer (Available on Premium Version Only)

The Premium Version has a fully widgetized footer with 4 widget positions. In order to install a widget, simply go to Appearance -> Widgets and create your widget.

License & Credits

Italian Restaurant WordPress Theme is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL-2.0+

All scripts in Italian Restaurant are licenced under the terms of the GNU GPL-2.0+ with the exception of Twitter Bootstrap boilerplate, which is distributed under the MIT Licence.
Bootstrap Navwalker is licensed under the terms of GPL-2.0+

All images and photographs in Italian Restaurant Theme are our own creation and are licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL-2.0+.

All fonts in Italian Restaurant theme are under the SIL Open Font License

License for GLYPHICONS Halflings in Twitter Bootstrap
GLYPHICONS Halflings are also a part of Bootstrap from Twitter, and they are released under the same license as Bootstrap.